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Buske Logistics, as a large company with numerous employees, faces the common struggle of establishing a consistent attendance process while also identifying and rewarding top performers. Additionally, they needed a way to address the issue of employees who are chronically absent or disengaged from their work.


Secchi developed a comprehensive program to address Buske’s problems. They introduced a standardized attendance process that streamlined the tracking of employee attendance. This process allowed management and HR to monitor and document recognition in real time, providing them with valuable data to identify and reward their top performers.

Key highlights and metrics:

The implementation of Secchi's attendance program brought about significant positive changes for Buske Logistics. Most notably, it allowed the company to eliminate poor-performing employees with minimal stress, ensuring that only the most dedicated individuals contribute to the team. Moreover, this solution had a profound impact on productivity, resulting in a remarkable 15% increase.

Buske Logistics

Learn how Buske Logistics

 increased its productivity by 15%. 

 increased its productivity by 15%. 

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