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Turn-by-Turn guidance for frontline leaders. One-on-one engagement for your employees.

Secchi supercharges leadership behaviors by engaging, motivating, and connecting leaders with their teams, leading to higher productivity and a culture of positive accountability.

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Consistently recognize and promote the right behaviors in the workplace


It’s easy to hand out positive feedback and acknowledge team leaders when you can review employee performance in real time. Feel good about fostering a culture of recognition, coaching, engagement, and accountability - all vital factors for achieving exceptional team performance.

Secchi seamlessly brings together attendance tracking, recognition, performance, and coaching points for organizations to provide clear and simple action for leaders at all levels.

Enable leaders to spend more time face-to-face with their team, not their computer. 


Solve the problem of driving employee engagement. Engagement and empowerment foster a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

Give leaders a simple and easy way to document one-on-one connections 


Encourage leaders to connect with their employees in a variety of ways: from coaching conversations, to 30-60-90 day check-ins, to stay interviews, to personal check-ins and more. Customizable categories and templates allow your organization to measure and manage what’s important for frontline leaders and their teams.

Give leaders a frictionless tool to document and submit corrective actions

Corrective Action

Secchi lightens the mental load for leaders by providing your organization's customized templates for corrective action. In two clicks, a leader can document and submit a corrective action for approval so they can be back with their team in no time.

Gamify attendance and create competition amongst your frontline employees to encourage timelessness and availability. 


Know exactly where each employee stands regarding their attendance and performance with one easy click as part of Secchi’s instant performance review feature. 

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Provide clear reporting for clarity of performance and identify future staffing gaps. 


Secchi’s automated tracking and reporting capabilities save valuable time and resources for executives and supervisors who need accurate and concise information to drive strategic decision-making.

Culture + Recognition + Accountability + Engagement = Increased Productivity


When leaders are consistently recognizing and reinforcing the right behaviors when everyone shows up on time to the beginning of a shift safety huddle, when team engagement is higher, and when the bad apples are held accountable, productivity skyrockets.

Instant performance reviews


Say Hello to real-time feedback. Gone are the days of hours of a leader's time to create an end-of-year performance review. Enable ongoing and real-time performance reviews and check-ins with a single click. No more recency bias, no more scouring emails, notebooks, and text messages to get a snapshot of performance. Generate instant performance reviews based on automated data, including attendance, warnings, and recognition. 

Reduce the risk for bias and liability


Employment lawsuits cost an average of $40,000 and many of those lawsuits can be mitigated or prevented altogether with good documentation. What do you get when you mix automated reporting, data-driven results, and standardized documentation? You mitigate risk by preventing legal liability. 

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Hear it from our clients:

Hear it from our clients:

Reap the Benefits of Secchi

Secchi's performance management platform integrates features like feedback and goal-setting modules, regular check-ins, and real-time reporting that empowers managers to motivate, coach and evaluate their teams to drive better results.

Secchi is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly employee engagement and performance management platform designed to help organizations manage their employees more effectively, while HRIS systems focus on primarily storing employee information and managing HR processes like payroll and benefits administration.

Secchi's platform encourages ongoing communication and feedback between managers and their teams, which is the most effective way to improve performance, engagement, and retention.

Unlike many HRIS systems, Secchi's employee relationship management platform is designed to be simple, intuitive and user-friendly, which reduces the amount of time it takes managers to use the software to manage employee relationships.

Secchi makes your HRIS and timekeeping systems better.

HRIS systems are often focused on tracking employee information, such as demographics, salary, and benefits information. Secchi focuses on the engagement between leader and employee, while bringing all aspects of an employee's performance and culture together. 

Secchi seamlessly connects to your existing systems to give leaders a simple way to connect with their people while staying face-to-face with their people.

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Onboard leaders with a focus on simplicity and making front-line leaders’ lives easier


Upload historical data easily into the system to immediately gain data insights 


Connect supervisors and team members without extra emails, calls, texts, or paperwork


See results in no time for increased morale, engagement and positive culture. Productivity, reduction of turnover and increased retention follow up right behind!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer custom integrations for current HRIS and other software systems in place.

There is no minimum or maximum number of employees needed to use the platform. Pricing is based on number of users, locations, and customization. Contact to learn more.

  • Positive improvements to culture, morale, engagement are seen immediately. 
  • Productivity, turnover, efficiencies are seen in as little as 3 months. 

The Secchi platform is constantly improving and adding new features - just reach out with your specific needs and we can get working on a solution for a new feature.

Pricing is based on total employee numbers within an organization. Please contract us for a custom quote and pricing options.

No, we are happy to create custom contracts to best fit the needs of our customers.

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