Learn how the leaders within Hispanic Cheese Makers Nuestro Queso, LLC went from 



Hispanic Cheese Makers struggled with effectively communicating with their frontline employees. They needed a solution that would allow them to easily reach their employees and keep them engaged.


Secchi provided a text messaging communication feature, which allowed Hispanic Cheese Makers to communicate directly with their frontline employees. This feature proved to be highly valuable, as it improved communication and engagement among the workforce.

Key highlights and metrics:

One key highlight was the great engagement from the leaders within Hispanic Cheese Makers. They recognized the importance of effective communication and fully embraced the text messaging feature. Another highlight was the ability to recognize their workforce in their native language, Spanish. This proved to be a powerful motivator for the frontline employees. Additionally, Secchi provided the ability to terminate bad employees efficiently, improving overall workforce quality. As a result, Hispanic Cheese Makers won the award for "best places to work." Lastly, the efficiency and effectiveness of Secchi allowed the company's HR person, who was the sole HR representative at the plant, to accomplish more tasks in a day than ever before.

Hispanic Cheese Makers

struggling to communicate with their employees

winning an award for “Best Places to Work.” 

Learn how the leaders within Hispanic Cheese Makers Nuestro Queso, LLC went from 


“Best Places to Work.” 

winning an award for

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