Learn how Mervis Industries saved time by 



Mervis Industries faced challenges in tracking attendance and managing disciplinary actions. Their previous processes were cumbersome and time-consuming.


Secchi provided an efficient and user-friendly platform that allowed Mervis Industries to easily track attendance, document disciplinary actions, and improve transparency across the organization. This shift from paper-based processes to a digital platform significantly enhanced efficiency and clarity.

Key highlights and metrics:

One key highlight was the reduced time supervisors spent on transcribing events. With Secchi, this process was simplified and could be done with just a few clicks. Another highlight was the transformation from disconnected paper processes to digital transparency, as it improved overall communication and collaboration within the organization. The increased transparency also proved beneficial for HR and leadership in terms of workforce retention and other HR-related aspects. Mervis Industries celebrated this positive transformation as a huge win for their company.

Mervis Industries

making improvements to tracking attendance

managing disciplinary actions.   

Learn how Mervis
Industries saved time by 


managing disciplinary actions.   

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