Learn how Wabash Castings used in-the-moment


Wabash Castings was losing valuable time with their traditional method of communicating internally. The HR leaders, in particular, were getting overwhelmed with mundane busy work, which hindered their productivity.


To address this issue, the Secchi team observed the existing internal communication process in Wabash Castings. They identified several inefficiencies and created a customized program that allowed leaders to provide in-the-moment recognition and discipline. 

Key highlights and metrics:

The use of Secchi at Wabash Castings brought about noticeable improvements in operations. One key highlight was a significant reduction in HR leaders' time spent on busy work. On average, the program saved them approximately 1.5-2 hours a day, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks and responsibilities. Furthermore, Secchi provided real-time insights into the connections and interactions within the facility.

Wabash Castings

reduce the number of

Learn how Wabash Castings used in-the-moment technology to

technology to

inefficiencies in their internal processes.

reduce the number of inefficiencies in their internal processes.

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